Method Therapeutic Solutions

Method Therapeutic Solutions is a Utah-based therapeutic device company focused on creating innovative products to revolutionize post-surgery knee rehabilitation. “Our goal is to make the rehabilitation period for knee surgery patients as quick and painless as possible. We are striving to make this vision a reality by providing cutting-edge knee therapy devices that place the control of the therapy in the patients’ hands. Our hope is that the Method Therapeutic Solutions devices will enable to patients to take command of their own therapy experience to get back on their feet with full range of motion as quickly as possible.”

“We pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing therapy devices that do not require any setup. Our devices passively adjust to different size patients, thereby eliminating the need to spend time setting up the device for each different patient that uses it. Additionally, both of Method Therapeutic Solutions’ current devices come equipped with an innovative tablet controller. Our goal is to revolutionize the knee therapy industry by introducing beneficial features such as patient progress reports and built-in rental agreement forms. The tablet provides a much better interface not only for patients, but also for therapists and rental technicians as well.”