Quotes About Ed

"The marketing department at VisiCorp gave birth to concepts that changed the face of the software industry while establishing VisiCorp’s reputation as a marketing company."

InfoWorld, July 2,1984 “Can VisiCorp Come Back?”

" The marketing and management abilities that Esber possesses and relies on seem to be the very same traits that his colleagues view as his greatest strengths"

Bill Gates, for example, said, "These are the very strengths that make Esber comparable to Microsoft president Jon Shirley. They [Esber and Shirley] are financially sophisticated and like to analyze cost structures, business results, and things like that."

Computer Reseller News, 1986: 25 Most Influential Computer Industry Executives

" Ashton-Tate is no longer the Rodney Dangerfield of the software industry," said industry analyst Stewart Alsop II. "dBase IV is like a dreamland.  They’ve done everything right."

Computer Dealer, April 1988, p 8: “Ashton-Tate on the Warpath” by Stewart Alsop

Ashton-Tate is "one of the best-positioned companies in the whole software industry" and calls Esber "one of the most competent CEOs in the software industry," … "it’s not just his training. He’s one of the smarter guys around."

Robert M. Therrien, an analyst with PaineWebber Inc. in New York

“At No. 3 software producer, 43% profit gain just isn’t good enough”

Los Angeles Business Journal, 5/2/1988