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Ashton-Tate Names Frank Murnane VP, Finance
1/11/1984 Benincasa Appointed Vice President, New Business Development, At Ashton Tate
1/25/1984 dBASE II Available for Lisa 2
1/26/1984 dBASE II Available for Macintosh
2/10/1984 Ashton-Tate Offers New Catalog Listing Software Programs with Variety of Applications
2/14/1984 Julian K. Brantley Named Vice President, Communications at Ashton-Tate
2/15/1984 Ashton-Tate Announces Multi-User dBASE II Version
3/21/1984 Ashton-Tate Announces Record Results for Fiscal 1984
3/28/1984 Ashton-Tate Launches Framework with Precedent-Setting Marketing Efforts
Software Publisher Ashton-Tate Names Ronald Posner to Board
dBASE II Still the Industry Standard for Eight-Bit Microcomputers
Ashton-Tate Names Martin Mazner Vice President, Marketing
Ashton-Tate Names Ed Esber Executive Vice President
Ashton-Tate Names Bennett to Marketing Post
5/15/1984 dBASE III; The New Standard for Information Management
Ashton-Tate Exec Named Entrepreneur of the Year (David Cole)
5/21/1984 Ashton-Tate Restructures Domestic Distribution
5/21/1984 Ashton-Tate and Informatics Agree to Market Micro-Mainframe Product
6/15/1984 Ashton-Tate Announces First Quarter Results
8/13/1984 George Tate, Microsoftware Industry Pioneer, Dies
8/21/1984 Barry Berke Named Vice President, Operations for Ashton-Tate
9/4/1984 Software Publisher Ashton-Tate Restructured; Esber Named President, COO
9/10/1984 Ashton-Tate Announces Second Quarter Results
9/21/1984 Ashton-Tate to Enter Consumer Market
9/28/1984 Ashton-Tate Names Dancer Fitzgerald Sample, Inc. New Advertising Agency
10/1/1984 Ashton-Tate Announces Multi-Million Dollar Deal with Tandy Corp.
10/5/1984 Ashton-Tate Publishing to Host Author Reception
10/15/1984 Ashton-Tate Announces $10 Million Agreement with French Software Distributor (LCE)
10/26/1984 Entre’, Businessland to Distribute Ashton-Tate Products
11/5/1984 Ashton-Tate Products to Support TI Professional Computer Family
Ashton-Tate’s dBASE II & Friday!, for IBM’s PCjr
11/9/1984 Ashton-Tate Publishing Group Unravels Mysteries for Users
11/12/1984 Ashton-Tate Follows Success Path by Improving, Enhancing Products
11/9/1984 Ashton-Tate Releases dBASE II Update, dBASE II Multi-user for TurboDOS
dBASE III, The New Standard for Information Management
11/9/1984 Ashton-Tate Releases dBASE III, Framework Updates Both Support IBM PC/AT, AT&T 6300 Personal Computer
11/12/1984 Ashton-Tate Releases New dBASE II and dBASE III Runtime
Ashton-Tate Pioneers International Market

Ashton-Tate to Expand on Successful Course During 1985
1/18/1985 Framework: New Generation of Productivity Software
2/15/1985 Ashton-Tate Announces Resignation of Vice President, Finance (Frank Murnane)
1/22/1985 Ashton-Tate & ACT Announce Intention to Enter Into Distribution Agreement
1/21/1985 Ashton-Tate Signs Italian Distribution Agreement (EIS)
1/22/1985 Ashton-Tate & ACT Intention to Enter Into Distribution Agreement (ACT)
1/29/1985 Ashton-Tate Discontinues Domestic Shipment of Multi-User Version of dBASE II
2/11/1985 Framework is “Le Premier” in France
2/20/1985 Ashton-Tate Signs New Agreement for Software Distribution in Mexico (SIGA)
2/25/1985 Ashton-Tate Publishing Group Unravels Mysteries for Users
2/27/1985 Ashton-Tate Reorganized; Posner Named Executive Vice President
3/25/1985 Ashton-Tate Announces Record Results for Fiscal 1985
3/26/1985 Ashton-Tate’s dBASE III System Supports New AT&T Unix PC
3/26/1985 Ashton-Tate’s dBASE III and Framework Now Available for the Data General/One
New Software from Ashton-Tate (TimeFrame & FrameLock)
4/2/1985 Background: Corporate Account Update
4/2/1985 Ashton-Tate Targets Corporate Arena in Major New Strategy
4/2/1985 Background: Software Dealer Program
4/10/1985 Ashton-Tate Names James Merson Vice President, Marketing
4/11/1985 Ashton-Tate Announces Agreement to Purchase Forefront Corporation
4/15/1985 Ashton-Tate Announces Opening of New Office in Spain
4/24/1985 Ashton-Tate Announces Support for New Intel Memory Board
5/7/1985 Ashton-Tate Announces New Operation in Japan
5/7/1985 Ashton-Tate Signs Major Pacts with Distributors in Australia and Far East
5/16/1985 Developer of “Framework” Cited for Technical Excellence by PC Magazine
5/17/1985 Ashton-Tate Announces Resignation of Vice President-Sales (Carl Gritzmaker)
5/20/1985 Ashton-Tate, Software AG to Market New Micro-to-Mainframe Connection
6/6/1985 Ashton-Tate Launches “Framework” Promotion, June 17 – July 31
6/7/1985 Ashton-Tate to Provide Annual Report on a Diskette
6/13/1985 Ashton-Tate Announces First Quarter Results
6/17/1985 Framework to Support New AST Memory Board
6/20/1985 Ashton-Tate Names Cary Hobbs Managing Director, United Kingdom
6/28/1985 New Authorized Training Center Program Set by Ashton-Tate to Support Users.
6/28/1985 Ashton-Tate “Courseware” to Train Users
7/1/1985 Ashton-Tate Introduces New dBASE III and dBRUN for Developers
7/1/1985 Ashton-Tate Announces “VAR” Program; New dBASE III Developer’s Release
7/9/1985 Ashton-Tate CEO Announces Relocation of Corporate Headquarters
7/11/1985 Ashton-Tate Selects Chiat/Day as AD Agency
7/25/1985 Ashton-Tate Publishing Group Signs Distribution Agreement with McGraw-Hill
7/25/1985 Ashton-Tate’s “Framework” to Accompany College Textbooks from McGraw-Hill
7/30/1985 Ashton-Tate to Purchase MultiMate; Acquisition is Largest in Micro Software History
8/5/1985 dBASE III and Framework Shipping for TI’s Professional Computer Family
8/12/1985 Ashton-Tate Supports Retailers’ Sales Forces Through Corporate Accounts Seminar
8/12/1985 Ashton-Tate Names Roy Folk, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Strategic Planning
8/22/1985 Ashton-Tate Names E. Charles Ellison Vice President, Domestic Sales
8/26/1985 Ashton-Tate Announces Agreement with Datalogica
9/9/1985 Ashton-Tate Reports 43 Percent Increase in Sales 407 Percent Increase in Earnings for Second Quarter
9/10/1985 New Products from Ashton Tate Publishing Group Support Framework II
9/10/1985 Ashton-Tate Introduces Framework II
9/17/1985 Ashton-Tate’s Corporate Advisory Board to Provide Important Product Input
10/7/1985 Ashton-Tate Signs Agreement to Purchase MultiMate International Corporation
10/10/1985 Ashton-Tate Reduces dBRUN Prices to Assist VARs and Corporate Developers
10/25/1985 Ashton-Tate Demonstrates Framework II to User Groups
10/28/1985 Ashton-Tate Ships Framework II, Announces Framework II Promotion Program
11/4/1985 Ashton-Tate Introduces Financial Management Add-in for Framework II
11/19/1985 Ashton-Tate Reports Record Sales and Earnings for Third Quarter
11/20/1985 Ashton-Tate Introduces cTOOLS, Add-in Programming Packages for dBASE III Plus
11/20/1985 Ashton-Tate Introduces dBASE III Plus LAN Pack, A Network-Only Solution for dBASE III Plus
11/20/1985 Ashton-Tate Introduces dBASE III Plus, Raises dBASE Standard
11/27/1985 Ashton-Tate Announces Resignation of Vice President, Marketing (Merson)
12/5/1985 Ashotn-Tate Completes Acquisition of MultiMate International Corporation
12/9/1985 Graphics Program Developer Wins Grand Prize in Ashton-Tate’s Framework Applications Contest
12/11/1985 Ashton-Tate Assists FBI in Investigation of Alleged Software Pirates
12/12/1985 Framework Wins Software Product Awards in Germany and Holland
12/16/1985 Ashton-Tate Publishing Group Introduces Four New Books
12/20/1985 Ashton-Tate Opens Subsidiary in Australia

1/7/1986 MultiMate LAN-Version Software Improves Workstation Resourcing
1/8/1986 Ashton-Tate Ships dBASE III Plus
1/13/1986 Ashton-Tate Plans Free Dealer Training Workshops for dBASE III Plus
1/14/1986 Ashton-Tate Corrects Manufacturing Error in dBASE III Plus
1/23/1986 Ashton-Tate Plans Two Major Promotions for Dealers and Distributors
1/27/1986 Ashton-Tate Steps Up Effort to Curb Illegal Copying of Software in Foreign Markets
1/27/1986 Ashton-Tate Announces Resignation of Board Member (Hal Lashlee)
1/29/1986 Ashton-Tate Ships dBASE III Plus LAN Pack
2/5/1986 Ashton-Tate Names David Russian Vice President, Controller
2/13/1986 MultiMate Ships Version 3.60 of MultiMate Advantage Professional Word Processor
2/18/1986 Ashton-Tate’s Dealer Advisory Board to Provide Input on Important Issues
2/20/1986 Ashton-Tate Announces MultiMate Reorganzation; Work Force to be Reduced Due to Job Duplication
2/27/1986 Ashton-Tate Names Info-Soft Master Distributor in Venezuela
3/5/1986 Ashton-Tate Names Rovert Carr Chief Scientist
3/11/1986 Ashton-Tate Announces Plans for Public Offering
3/12/1986 Ashton-Tate Announces Record Revenues and Earnings for Fiscal Year 1986
3/14/1986 Zenith Data Systems to Provide US Armed Forces with 90,000 Units of Ashton-Tate Software
3/18/1986 ADR and Ashton-Tate Join Forces to Offer Micro/Mainframe Solution
3/19/1986 Ashton-Tate Announces New Corporate Upgrade Program for dBASE III Plus and Framework II
3/26/1986 Ashton-Tate Announces Filing of Registration Statement
3/31/1986 Ashton-Tate Announces Appointment of New Board Member (Sandy Kaplan)
4/2/1986 Ashton-Tate’s Products to Support IBM PC Convertible
4/7/1986 Ashton-Tate Publishing Group Ships 12 New Products to Support dBASE III Plus and Framework II
4/8/1986 Ashton-Tate Announces Commencement of Public Offering
4/10/1986 Ashton-Tate Signs Marketing Deal with Javelin Software to Distribute Javelin Outside of the US and Canada
4/14/1986 Ashton-Tate Signs Strategic VAR Agreement to Provide Low-Cost Financial Information to Framework II Users
4/16/1986 Ashton-Tate Charges Two Companies with Software Piracy
4/21/1986 Ashton-Tate Releases German Translations of dBASE III Plus, Framework II, and MultiMate 3.31
4/30/1986 Ashton-Tate Names James Furneaux to Board of Directors
5/8/1986 Ashton-Tate Files Another Software Piracy Suit
5/19/1986 Ashton-Tate Reports First Quarter Earnings Up 118.6% on Sales Increase of 71.8%
5/22/1986 Ashton-Tate Introduces dBRUN III Plus
5/27/1986 Ashton-Tate National Tour to Feature MultiMate Advantage Version 3.60
5/27/1986 Ashton-Tate Ships LAN Family of Products for MultiMate Advantage 3.60 Professional Work Processor
6/10/1986 Ashton-Tate Creates Two New Divisions (Folk and Posner-Software Products & Systems, Service and Information)
6/11/1986 Ashton-Tate to Stage Developer’s Conference
6/25/1986 Ashton-Tate Publishing Group Releases Two New Books Supporting dBASE III Plus and Framework II
6/26/1986 Cincom, Ashton-Tate Sign Cooperative Marketing Agreement
7/2/1986 Ashton-Tate Names European Managing Director (Peter E. Tik)
7/22/1986 Ashton-Tate Appoints Vice President, Human Resources (Paula Cowan)
7/28/1986 Ashton-Tate and Comshare Offer Macro-Mainframe Link
8/5/1986 Ashton-Tate to Acquire Decision Resources, Inc., A Leading Business Graphics Software Company
8/7/1986 Ashton-Tate Elects Esber Chairman, Names Three Executives to Board of Directors ( James Castle, F. William Graham & Henry Sweetbaum)
8/11/1986 Ashton-Tate Introduces dBASE Mac, Extending dBASE Standard to the Macintosh Computer
8/15/1986 Ashton-Tate Reports Results of Annual Shareholder Meeting
8/18/1986 Ashton-Tate Reports 78.2 Percent Increase in Sales; 87.5 Percent Increase in Earnings for Second Quarter
8/19/1986 Ashton-Tate Announces First Phase of Comprehensive Support and Service Program
8/19/1986 Custom Support Plan
8/19/1986 Ashton-Tate Removes Copy Protection
8/19/1986 Ashton-Tate Remains Committed to Dealers
9/8/1986 Ashton-Tate Announces Agenda for this Month’s Developers’ Conference
9/10/1986 3Com, Ashton-Tate to Offer Joint Seminar Series
9/16/1986 Ashton-Tate, SkiSoft Agree to Develop Desktop Publishing Product
9/17/1986 Ashton-Tate Signs $42.1 Million Contract to Distribute dBASE III Plus, Framework II and MultiMate in France
9/19/1986 Network Innovations and Ashton-Tate Join Forces to Offer Micro/Mini Database Link
9/22/1986 Ashton-Tate Signs Agreement to Purchase Decision Resources, Inc.
9/23/1986 Ashton-Tate dBASE III Plus Compatible with AT&T’s StarLAN Network
9/29/1986 Ashton-Tate to Sell dBASE Programmers’ Utility Package
9/30/1986 Ashton-Tate to Offer Toolkit for Framework II Developers
10/2/1986 Ashton-Tate Names Luther Nussbaum President and Chief Operating Officer
10/6/1986 dBASE Sales Reach One Million Ashton-Tate Celebrates with Promotion
10/7/1986 Ashton-Tate Publishing Group Ships 6 New Products to Support dBASE III Plus and Framework II
10/13/1986 Ashton-Tate Announces Dealer Contest Winners; 7 Win Trips to Hawaii
10/17/1986 Ashton-Tate Announces Resignation of Ronald S. Posner
10/27/1986 Ashton-Tate Introduces RapidFile, A Complete and Versatile File Manager
11/4/1986 Ashton-Tate’s dBASE III Plus Compatible with IBM’s Token-Ring Network
11/18/1986 Ashton-Tate Reports Record Sales and Earnings for Third Quarter
11/24/1986 Ashton-Tate Publishing Group Introduces Pascal Programming Aid for dBASE III Plus
12/8/1986 Ashton-Tate Names Frank Winiarski Vice President of Operations
12/22/1986 Ashton-Tate Charges Canadian Firm with Software Piracy

1/5/1987 Ashton-Tate Sues for Theft (Migent and Queue Associates)
1/20/1987 Ashton-Tate Announces Resignation of Chief Financial Officer (Norm Block)
1/21/1987 Ashton-Tate Ships RapidFile
1/27/1987 Ashton-Tate Lydia Dobyns Vice President Marketing
2/2/1987 Ashton-Tate’s MultiMate Advantage 3.60 Compatible with IBM’s Token-Ring Network
2/3/1987 Ashton-Tate Names Di Giovanni Vice President, MIS
2/24/1987 Ashton-Tate Names George Farinsky Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
3/2/1987 Ashton-Tate Reports Record Revenues for Fiscal Year 1987
3/2/1987 Ashton-Tate’s dBASE Mac to Support Macintosh II and Macintosh SE
3/5/1987 Ashton-Tate Announces “Thank You” Promotion To Increase Dealer Volume
3/9/1987 Ashton-Tate to Host “Solutions Showcase,” A Vertical Market Solutions Forum for Business Consumers
3/10/1987 Ashton-Tate Ships Framework II Developer’s Toolkit
3/11/1987 Ashton-Tate Publishing Group Introduces Two New Titles for Database Users
4/2/1987 Ashton-Tate Removes Copy Protection From Master Graphics Series
4/2/1987 Ashton-Tate’s Product Compatible With IBM Personal System/2; Company Shipping 3 1/2 – 5 1/4-inch Disks in Same Box
4/6/1987 Ashton-Tate Announces It Will Not Proceed With Public Offering
4/8/1987 Ashton-Tate Names Relational Database Expert as Senior Scientist; Acquires SQL Technology (Harry K. T. Wong)
4/14/1987 Ashton-Tate Introduces New MultiMate Advantage II Word Processing Software
5/5/1987 Ashton-Tate Develops dBASE III Plus Application for Dun’s Marketing Services
5/11/1987 Ashton-Tate Introduces Developer Registry, A Comprehensive Listing of Third-Party Products and Services
5/18/1987 Ashton-Tate’s dBASE III Plus Compatible With Ungermann-Bass Networks
5/19/1987 Ashton-Tate Corporation Announces First Quarter Revenues and Earnings
5/20/1987 Ashton-Tate Announces New Volume Upgrade Program Featuring Lower Prices, Simplified Upgrade Process
5/27/1987 New Ashton-Tate Materials Show Customers How To Increase Productivity with Framework II
6/1/1987 Ashton-Tate Announces New, Comprehensive Corporate & Governement Services Program
6/11/1987 Ashton-Tate Chairman Ed Esber Discusses Company Strategy and PC Industry Issues at Annual Stockholders’ Meeting
6/23/1987 Ashton-Tate and Airus, Inc., Sign Technology Licensing Agreement
6/30/1987 Ashton-Tate Announces Framework II Applications Contest
7/7/1987 Ashton-Tate Granted Preliminary Injunction (Against Queue Associates and Gary Balleisen)
7/29/1987 Ashton-Tate Offers Three Graphics Products In New Presentation Pack (Chart-Master, Sign-Master and Diagram-Master)
7/30/1987 Ashton-Tate Readies dBASE Mac to Ship in August
8/4/1987 Ashton-Tate Announces Byline PC Desktop Publishing Software for Business Professionals
8/5/1987 Ashton-Tate Names Floyd Bradley Vice President, Europe
8/17/1987 RapidFile Frequent Filer Campaign Lands at Ashton-Tate Dealers
8/18/1987 Ashton-Tate Reports 55.4 Percent Increase in Earnings and 29.8 Percent Increase in Sales for Second Quarter
8/24/1987 Ashton-Tate’s Framework II Available on Wang PCs; Wang Selling Product
8/25/1987 Database Experts Join Ashton-Tate Research and Development Staff (Arvola Y. Chan and Micahel K. Benson)
8/26/1987 Ashton-Tate Names 23 Members to 1987-1988 Executive Advisory Board
8/28/1987 Robert Carr Resignation
9/3/1987 Ashton-Tate Ships dBASE Mac; New Features Include Color, Mac II Support
9/8/1987 Spanish Language Versions of Ashton-Tate Software Products Now Available in the United States
9/9/1987 Ashton-Tate’s dBASE III Plus To Support New MicroVAX 3500 and 3600 From Digital Equipment Corporation
9/14/1987 Ashton-Tate Introduces Multimate Advantage II LAN
9/30/1987 Ashton-Tate Ships Byline, PC Desktop Publishing Software for Business Professionals
10/14/1987 Ashton-Tate and Hewlett-Packard to Conduct Seminars on Written Communications
10/26/1987 Ashton-Tate Releases dBASE Direct/36 — Database Connectivity Solution for System/36
10/28/1987 UCLA Professor Wins Framework II Applications Contest, Receives Ashton-Tate Achievement Award
10/30/1987 Ashton-Tate Accepting Applications for Second Edition of Developer Registry
11/10/1987 Ashton-Tate Provides Support Through Free Bulletin Board for PC, Macintosh Users
11/17/1987 Ashton-Tate Reports 40.5 Percent Increase in Earnings and 17.9 Percent Increase in Sales for Third Quarter
11/18/1987 Ashton-Tate Publishing Group Offers Five New Books to Support dBASE III Plus, dBASE Mac, and Multimate Advantage II
11/30/1987 Seven US Companies Take Action to Fight Software Copyright Infringement
12/2/1987 Ashton-Tate Appoints Creator of Query-by-Example as Senior Scientist (Dr. Moshe M. Zloof)
12/7/1987 Ashton-Tate Corporation Names Barry Obrand Vice President, US and Canada Sales
12/8/1987 Ashton-Tate Announces The Ashton-Tate Graphics Service and Master Graphics Express
12/16/1987 DP Enterprises to Distribute Ashton-Tate dBASE Direct/36 Product

1/13/1988 Platforms for Workgroup Computing: MS OS/2 LAN Manager, IBM OS/2 LAN Server, and Ashton-Tate/Microsoft SQL Server
1/13/1988 Microsoft and Sybase Announce Development and Licensing Agreement for SQL Server Product
1/13/1988 Ashton-Tate, Microsoft and Sybase Join Forces
1/18/1988 Spell Checker, OS/2 Cerfication, Top New Enhancements for Ashton-Tate’s One-Year-Old RapidFile Database
1/26/1988 Ashton-Tate Introduces “Draw Applause” State-of-the-Art Presentation Graphics Product
2/8/1988 Ashton-Tate to Publish Apex’s “FrontRunner” Software for Easy Development of Memory-Resident dBASE III Plus Programs
2/10/1988 Next-Generation Spreadsheet, Word Processor Join Ashton-Tate’s Macintosh Product Family
2/17/1988 Ashton-Tate Introduces dBASE IV for MS-DOS and OS/2 — Successor to the World’s No. 1 Database Management Software
2/22/1988 Ashton-Tate and Hewlett-Packard Team Up to Conduct Seminars on Word Processing, Laser Printers
3/1/1988 Ashton-Tate Reports Record Revenues, Net Income for Fiscal 1988
3/30/1988 Ashton-Tate Announces dBASE Direct/38 — Database Connectivity Solution for System/38
4/11/1988 Ashton-Tate Announces Technology Agreement with InterBase Software Corporation
4/21/1988 Ashton-Tate Ships dBASE Mac Runtime: The First Mac Database with Unlimited Runtime Distribution
4/27/1988 Ashton-Tate Ships FullWrite Professional, State-of-the-Art Macintosh Word Processing Software
5/2/1988 Two Leading Word Processing Experts Join Ashton-Tate Development Team (Philip Michael Florence and Dr. Robert A. Greene)
5/5/1988 Ashton-Tate, Hewlett-Packard Offer Free MultiMate LaserJet Printer Kit
5/17/1988 Ashton-Tate Reports 22.1 Percent Increase in Earnings and 20.2 Percent Increase in Sales for First Quarter
5/24/1988 Ashton-Tate Affirms Goal of dBASE IV Shipments by July 31st
5/24/1988 Ashton-Tate Corporation Announces Framework III — Major Upgrade to Integrated Decision-Support Software
5/31/1988 Simon & Schuster’s Brady Unit to Distribute Ashton-Tate Books
5/31/1988 Ashton-Tate Ships dBASE Direct/38, Database Connectivity Solution for IBM System/38
6/8/1988 Ashton-Tate Established Production Facility in Swords, Ireland
6/16/1988 Ashton-Tate Corrects Manufacturing Error in Specific Serial Numbered Packages of MultiMate Advantage II and dBASE III Plus
6/21/1988 Ashton-Tate’s RapidFile and Avery Laser Printer Labels to be Part of a Co-promotion Package
7/5/1988 Appointment of Terence J. Garnett to VP and GM of Ashton-Tate’s Macintosh Software Division
7/6/1988 Ashton-Tate Will Offer dBASE IV, Other New Products, Free to Early Developer Conference Registrants
7/26/1988 Ashton-Tate Ships Framework III
7/29/1988 Ashton-Tate Ships FullImpact; Second Generation Graphic Macintosh Spreadsheet
8/3/1988 Ashton-Tate’s RapidFile and Deluxe Business Forms to be Part of a Co-promotion Program
8/5/1988 Ashton-Tate Bundles Presentation Pack and Map-Master with PC Partner
8/16/1988 Ashton-Tate Announces Support for Intel PC Connectivity Platform
8/16/1988 Ashton-Tate Reports Net Income of $11.5 Million and Net Revenues of $71.9 Million for Second Quarter
8/29/1988 Ashton-Tate Announces Draw Applause Version 1.1 at Info Center Conference
8/29/1988 Ashton-Tate to Offer Microcomputer Software Through Campus Bookstores
9/19/1988 Ashton-Tate Promotes Two Executives: Peter Boot Promoted to VP International–Robert Kimball Becomes Dir Pdt Mgmt Mgmt Dec Sup Pdts
9/14/1988 Ashton-Tate Readies dBASE IV for Shipment
9/19/1988 Ashton-Tate Unviels “One-on-One” Sweepstakes
9/20/1988 Ashton-Tate Ships “Turbosearch” High Performance Information Retrieval Software
9/28/1988 Ashton-Tate Preps dBASE IV for First Customer Shipments in October
10/22/1988 Ashton-Tate Appoints Eric Kim Vice President and General Manager, Database Products Division
10/24/1988 Ashton-Tate and Digital Equipment Corporation Sign dBASE Development and Marketing Agreement
10/24/1988 Ashton-Tate Ships dBASE IV to Customers
10/26/1988 Ashton-Tate Expands Role of Tate Publishing
11/1/1988 Microsoft and Ashton-Tate Ship SQL Server Network Developer’s Kit
11/14/1988 Ashton-Tate Announces Byline 2.0
11/15/1988 Ashton-Tate Reports Net Income of $11.7 Million and Net Revenues of $75.7 Million for Third Quarter
11/16/1988 Microsoft and Ashton-Tate Announce April 1989 Availability for OS/2 SQL Server
11/18/1988 Ashton-Tate Consolidates Connecticut Software Development Facilities
11/18/1988 Legal Action Taken by Ashton-Tate Against Fox Software, Inc. and the Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.
12/6/1988 Ashton-Tate Ships Framework III LAN
12/7/1988 Ashton-Tate Ships Step Ivward

1/1/1989 FullPaint Fact Sheet
1/1/1989 NCPC Fact Sheet
1/1/1989 dBASE Mac Fact Sheet
1/1/1989 A-T Background Mac Software Division
1/1/1989 FullImpact Fact Sheet
1/1/1989 FullWrite Professional Fact Sheet
1/9/1989 Obrand/Richards Executive Announcement
2/1/1989 A-T Ships Framework III 1.1
2/2/1989 A-T Appoints Joe Brilando VP of Corp Marketing
2/13/1989 A-T Adopts Shareholder Rights Plan
3/6/1989 Additional Device Drivers Now Available for Draw Applause
3/16/1989 A-T Announces Value Added RapidFile Promotion
3/17/1989 A-T Announces Letter of Intent to Acquire InterBase
3/22/1989 A-T Ships Macintosh Software Updates
3/23/1989 A-T Announces MM Adv II Printer Enhancement Pack
3/23/1989 Winner by TKO Compaign Luther Nussbaum
3/23/1989 A-T Launches Largest Promotional Campaign In Company History
3/27/1989 A-T Announces FW III Runtime for Developers
4/1/1989 FullWrite Professional Fact Sheet
4/1/1989 FullImpact Fact Sheet
4/7/1989 A-T Reports Record Revenue for Fiscal 1989
4/10/1989 A-T Wins Summary Judgement in Lawsuit Against Bravo
4/12/1989 A-T Announces CompuServe Mailbox/dBASE Language Board
4/17/1989 A-T Announces New Order Policy for Graphics Service
4/18/1989 A-T Open Connectivity Strategy Endorses DCA/Microsoft
4/19/1989 A-T Certifies dBASE IV for AT&T Star LAN Networks
4/24/1989 A-T and Novell Join Forces to Promote Netware with FW III
4/25/1989 A-T Gives 50 Mac II Systems to Winners of 1-on-1 Sweepstakes
5/1/1989 A-T Seeks Comp. Book Authors, Independent Developed Software Products
5/3/1989 A-T Announces Retail Shipment of the A-T/Microsoft SQL Server
5/4/1989 A-T Annonces SQL Server Gold Reseller Program
5/8/1989 A-T Publishing Introduces dBASE File Recovery
5/8/1989 A-T Ships Arabic Version of Framework III
5/9/1989 A-T Announces Support & Training Programs for SQL Server
5/9/1989 A-T Ships Framework III Runtime
5/10/1989 A-T Annonces Support for the IBM PS/2 Portable Microcomputer
5/23/1989 A-T Stockholders Approve 3 Proxy Proposals at Annual Meeting
6/8/1989 Marketing Piece-“The Tech. of Successful Reseller of the 90’s SQL
6/8/1989 A-T and Compubox dBASE IV TKO Promotion
6/13/1989 A-T Anticipates Reduced Revenue and a Net Loss for 2nd Quarter
6/15/1989 A-T Announces SQL Server Value-Addend Distributors
6/16/1989 A-T Receives Class Action Suit
6/19/1989 A-T Announces Regional SQL Server Open Forums
6/19/1989 A-T Announces Meeting of the Minds II, Developer Conference
6/20/1989 A-T to Defend Against Claims about Disclosure and Trading
7/12/1989 A-T Announces Formation of Applications Group
7/17/1989 A-T and SPSS Inc. Team up to Introduce dBASE Stats
7/17/1989 Framework III Developer’s Toolkit Announcement
7/18/1989 A-T Launches dBASE IV Summer Bundle Promotion
7/18/1989 A-T Ships Trading Places Virtual Memory Product
7/25/1989 A-T Reports 2nd Quarter Loss
7/31/1989 Easy Access T Mainframe Data Provided by Macintosh Solution
8/14/1989 Framework III Developer’s Toolkit Ships
8/14/1989 Upgrade Promotion for FullWrite and FullImpact
8/15/1989 dBASE IV Developers Conference Statement
8/15/1989 A-T Corporate Backgrounder
8/15/1989 Cost Control, Workforce Reduction
8/15/1989 dBASE IV 1.1 Phased Release
9/1/1989 Northern Califronia Product Center Fact Sheet
10/2/1989 MacAmerica to Distribute A-T Macintosh Software Products
10/10/1989 Training Software for SQL Server at Info ’89
10/17/1989 Third Quarter Loss Report
10/17/1989 dBase IV 1.1 Beta Testing Begins
10/23/1989 8-City Road Tour to Introduce Three Software Products (MultiMate 4.0, Applause II & Control Room)
10/23/1989 Technology Agreement with Ratinal Systems Signed
10/30/1989 Introductory Promotion for Applause II, Available for $99.95
10/30/1989 Applause II Announcement
10/30/1989 Multimate 4.0 Announcement
10/30/1989 Control Room, Mew Utility Lets Users Control Computer
11/6/1989 Framework III LAN Certified on Banyan Vines
11/6/1989 A-T Announces Support for Compaq New Workstation, Server & LAN
11/6/1989 Ashton-Tate Active at Comdex/Fall
11/7/1989 Framework III Fax Capability with Alcom Easygate LANFAX Software
11/13/1989 Ashton-Tate Announces Russian Version of Framework III
11/20/1989 Deman for dBASE Family Remains Strong
12/5/1989 Byline 2.0 Statement
12/14/1989 A-T Sells Interst in Sybase to Lotus
12/14/1989 dBASE IV 1.1 Upgrade Policy Clarified
12/14/1989 A-T & Microsoft Broaden Distribution Channels for SQL Server
12/18/1989 Multimate 4.0 Ships on Schedule

1/3/1990 A/T and Technology Works Announce New Promotion for MAC
1/3/1990 A/T Introduces New Technical Support Focus
1/8/1990 A/T Appoints Donald F. Dempsey VP and GM
1/8/1990 A/T Launches “Attain” Customer Training Network
1/8/1990 A/T Announces Reduced Pricing for Framework/Dev Products
1/11/1990 A/T Announces Resignation of Eric Kim
1/15/1990 A/T Introduces Free Tech Support for Canadian Customers
1/16/1990 William and Mary Alumnus to Head Area Campaign Drive (Bill Lyons)
1/22/1990 A/T’s MultiMate 4.0 Includes Docucomp from Advanced Software
1/23/1990 A/T and Sun Microsystems Sign Joint Product Dev/Mktg
1/30/1990 A/T Launches Authorized Educational Reseller Program
2/7/1990 A/T Reports Calendar 1989 Results
2/8/1990 A/T Ships New Graphics Software Applause II
2/12/1990 A/T and F.J.Barrett Announce dBASE Direct Direct 3270 Add-ons
2/12/1990 A/T Ships dBASE Direct for AS/400
2/12/1990 A/T Ships dBase Direct for 3270
2/12/1990 DPE Announces Availability of New dBASE Direct Products
2/12/1990 A/T Announces SQL Link for Framework III
2/15/1990 A/T Appoints Floyd Bradley as Interim VP and GM
2/19/1990 A/T Announces Agreement with General Parametrics
3/12/1990 A/T Announces New Suggested Retail Price for dBASE Stats
3/19/1990 Action Technologies and A/T Announce MHS Agreement
3/27/1990 A/T Ships Control Room
3/27/1990 A/T Announces Alliance with Macreations
3/28/1990 A/T Appoints David B. McGlaughlin Director of Canada
4/10/1990 A/T Announces Full Impact 2.0 at MacWorld Expo
4/17/1990 A/T to Host 1990 Technical Conference
4/18/1990 A/T Reports First Quarter Results
4/30/1990 A/T Announces Management Realignment (Esber not CEO)
5/1/1990 A/T Ships SQL Link for Framework III
5/1/1990 A/T’s MultiMater for PC-DOS Now Available Under UNIX
5/3/1990 A/T Begins Beta Testing of dBASE IV and VAX VMS
5/7/1990 A/T and InterBase Software Products Focus on UNIX
5/21/1990 A/T Appoints David Proctor as VP and GM
6/4/1990 A/T’s Applause II Supports Matrix Film Recorder
6/5/1990 A/T Announces Restructuring of its European Operations
6/7/1990 A/T Ships Framework III and Informontage-2
6/19/1990 A/T Announces MultiMate 4.0 for Networks
6/19/1990 A/T Licenses Bitstream Speedo Font Scaling Technology
7/13/1990 Harvey Jeane Resigns from A/T
7/16/1990 A/T Ships Full Impact 2.0
7/16/1990 A/T Sells dBASE Mac
7/16/1990 PC Industry Specialists Agree on European Standard
7/18/1990 A/T Reports Second Quarter Results
7/19/1990 A/T Announces First Authorized Training Center in USSR
7/19/1990 A/T Active at PC World Forum in Moscow
7/31/1990 A/T and Digital Equipment Announce dBASE IV for VAX VMS
7/31/1990 A/T Ships dBASE IV Version 1.1
7/31/1990 A/T Ships dBASE IV 1.1 in English, French, German
8/7/1990 A/T Announces FullWrite Prof 1.5 at MacWorld Expo
8/7/1990 A/T Announces dBASE IV Runtime Plus at MacWorld Expo
8/8/1990 A/T to Spotlight dBASE IV 1.1 X-Platform at Tech Conf
8/14/1990 A/T Announces Support for SQL Server & Upgrade Program
8/14/1990 A/T to Repurchase Common Shares
8/15/1990 A/T Begins Beta Testing of dBase IV for UNIX
8/29/1990 A/T Reorganizes Product Dev; Closes Glendale Facility
9/5/1990 A/T Announces PowerStep
9/10/1990 A/T Features dBASE IV 1.1 in Tech Conf Sessions
9/10/1990 A/T Announces dBASE IV for Sun
9/11/1990 A/T to Host European Tech Conference in November
9/11/1990 A/T Announces Arabic Version of dBASE IV
9/18/1990 A/T Exhibits PowerStep at Next Product Announcements
9/24/1990 A/T Announces FrameWork XE
9/26/1990 A/T to Repurchase Additional Common Shares
9/26/1990 A/T Begins Beta Testing of dBASE IV Server Edition
10/15/1990 A/T Certifies dBASE IV for VMS Systems
10/15/1990 A/T’s FullWrite and FullImpact to Support Sound-In Capability of Mac
10/17/1990 A/T Reports Third Quarter Profit
10/29/1990 A/T Appoints David Proctor Executive VP
10/30/1990 A/T Announces dBASE X-Platform Challenge at Comdex ’90
10/31/1990 A/T Recruits Resellers for dBASE IV for Sun
10/31/1990 A/T Certifies dBASE IV for VMS Systems
11/12/1990 A/T Signs Agreement with Pocket Soft to Use .RTLINK
11/12/1990 A/T Shows New Products, X-Platform Challenge at Comdex
11/15/1990 A/T MacMillan Announces Acquisition of A/T Books
12/3/1990 A/T Successfully Meets dBASE IV X-Platform Challenge
12/10/1990 A/T and Digital Equipment Ship dBASE IV for VMS
12/12/1990 Lyons Elected CEO of A/T
12/13/1990 A/T Responds to Ruling in Copyright Infringement Case
12/17/1990 A/T Continues Stock Repurchase Program
12/19/1990 A/T Receives Class Action Suit