Halo Fund I, II, III and Opportunity Fund

The Halo Funds (“Halo“) are early-stage venture capital funds that focus on high-growth investments at the front edge of business and technological innovation in California. We invest in companies led by extraordinary people who are pursuing opportunities in technology, consumer and healthcare markets.

The members of the General Partner are successful investors and entrepreneurs who are also members of The Angels’ Forum. Our investors have built ventures from the ground up, raised private capital and managed public companies. In addition, Halo’s team represents decades of venture capital investing experience. Background information is provided on each member of the General Partner at The Halo Fund Management Committee.

The Halo Funds leverage an exclusive relationship with a world-leading early-stage investment organization, The Angels’ Forum of Silicon Valley (“TAF“), to pre-screen the Fund’s deals in private securities transactions. All potential Halo investments are carefully screened first through The Angels’ Forum, which evaluates thousands of start-up ventures every year. The most promising of these investment opportunities are evaluated further through Halo’s due diligence process. The General Partner then makes a completely independent investment decision, based on venture capital criteria.

The Halo Funds are members of the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA).

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