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Method Therapeutic Solutions is a Utah-based therapeutic device company focused on creating innovative products to revolutionize post-surgery knee rehabilitation. “Our goal is to make the rehabilitation period for knee surgery patients as quick and painless as possible. We are striving to make this vision a reality by providing cutting-edge knee therapy devices that place the control of the therapy in the patients’ hands. Our hope is that the Method Therapeutic Solutions devices will enable to patients to take command of their own therapy experience to get back on their feet with full range of motion as quickly as possible.”

“We pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing therapy devices that do not require any setup. Our devices passively adjust to different size patients, thereby eliminating the need to spend time setting up the device for each different patient that uses it. Additionally, both of Method Therapeutic Solutions’ current devices come equipped with an innovative tablet controller. Our goal is to revolutionize the knee therapy industry by introducing beneficial features such as patient progress reports and built-in rental agreement forms. The tablet provides a much better interface not only for patients, but also for therapists and rental technicians as well.”

“Our vision is to completely change how companies conduct business by delivering the most comprehensive suite of on-demand services that increase productivity, enhance globalization efficiencies, and reduce operating costs so that business can most effectively compete both today and in the future.”

PanTerra Networks is the world leader in delivering Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) unified communications for small and medium sized businesses. We are unique because we have developed the most advanced unified communications SaaS platform in the world, integrating traditionally disparate communications services into a single easy to use, cost effective suite of services. We understand the limitations of today’s siloed single-service solutions and have built a platform that can deliver a unified solution, saving time, money and administration headaches while dramatically increasing business productivity. We provide compelling easy-to-use services for those faced with the monumental task of managing their mission-critical communications services while focusing on their customers.



Founded in 1998, Acteva is an event registration service provider for event organizers. Acteva automates the entire event registration process and brings it online where it can be easily accessed anytime of the day or night.

Acteva’s event registration services are easy to set up and require no specific technical knowledge to use successfully. If you can get online and fill out a form, you can use Acteva.

Since its founding over 14,000 event organizers have relied on Acteva to help increase attendance, reduce administrative burden and provide an outstanding online experience for their attendees, participants and customers.

Since its inception in 2001, BlueRoads Corporation has been focused exclusively on providing channel management Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), which allows companies to market and sell more effectively through indirect channels. BlueRoads 6 Channel Management Software-as-a-Service empowers individual partner reps to actively participate in closed-loop sales and marketing processes to increase channel performance and predictability. BlueRoads is unique in providing a closed-loop system with built-in methodology, which empowers individual partner representatives to actively participate in sales and marketing processes. As a result, BlueRoads extends the bond between vendor and partner, achieving the mutually beneficial goal of increasing conversion rates, revenue and market share.

College Club
Public Online

College Club was founded in 1993, in San Diego, by college students wanting to improve communication on campus. The objective was to provide students with ubiquitous communication tools as campuses became more decentralized, the number of commuter students grew and as students constantly changed addresses.

College Club is now the largest and fastest growing online college community. The free membership provides students with e-mail they can also hear through the telephone, voicemail with toll-free access and other communication tools such as e-mail groups, chat, message boards and more.

Additionally, the site provides students with campus information, career resources and discounts at local merchants.

As College Club continues it’s fast-paced growth, it has become the leader in providing companies access to the hard-to-reach college market

Creative Insights

Creative Insights is creating a new class of products called Computer Toys that not only teach and but are fun.

A Computer Toy is a creative, compelling piece of hardware aimed at a specific purpose; that is brought to life with equally compelling software aimed at the same purpose. The experience of using Creative Insights’ Computer Toys is equally driven by the hardware and the software. The hardware augments or replaces the traditional QWERTY keyboard and leverages the innate sound and video capability of today’s multimedia computers. It plugs permanently or temporarily into a standard multimedia personal computer. Eventually, Creative Insights products will become portable and wireless, providing the child with an increasingly mobile, learning environment. The software works like any other software, but leverages the special computer toy hardware and the multimedia computer.

The key requirements defining a good computer toy are: 1) Leveraging fully the power of the multimedia computer to teach or have fun, for relatively low price points (in the range of $30 to $200), to deliver enormous levels of fun, learning or both; 2) Specialized hardware that brings something central and important to the user, making the experience of the product something unrealizable without the hardware and 3) Software that is leading edge, and together with the specialized hardware, gives video (animation and graphics) and sound experiences better than any contemporary stand-alone entertainment or educational software package.

The hardware component of our toys clearly separates our company from entertainment and educational software companies. This is obviously critical to our marketing success. Our unique insight was that in this coming “digital convergence”, convergence will extend to music, toys and education, not just to Consumer Electronics, Consumer Communication and Consumer Entertainment. Our 1995 line of Computer Toys have literally no direct competition. They are unique, and represent to the channel a completely new and totally incremental source of revenue. This uniqueness is critical to our marketing success.

The company’s products will be sold wherever home computer products, either hardware or software, are sold.

DecisionPower™ is a pioneer and a leader in simulated analytics software for Global 1000 companies that invest millions to billions of dollars annually in marketing. Our software accurately simulates real-life consumer behavior at the level of the individual, in a fully competitive market, to enable companies to make incisive decisions that increase their odds of success, lower their risks and improve their return on marketing investment (ROMI). With the introduction of our flagship product, MarketSim™, DecisionPower revolutionized the marketing analytics industry by making detailed and complex analysis easily accessible to marketing executives, brand/product managers and market researchers from the convenience of their desktops.

Article Forbes 11-14-2005

Digital Archeology

Digital Archaeology, founded in 1994, was the leading provider of technology and solutions that place the power of knowledge and discovery directly in the hands of the business user. It’s product, Discovery Suite, is an adaptive, self-optimizing database system for knowledge discovery applications. The system allows fast, truly ad hoc, heterogeneous database exploration, while eliminating the need for explicit database design.

Direct Stock Market

The Direct Stock Market was created to fill a niche in a highly fragmented inefficient market, the microcap public company securities market. It is the plan of Direct Stock Market to create an online community of company executives, service providers and investors that are interested in these microcap companies for the purpose of providing support services information that will lead to generation of transactions in this market. DSM has an opportunity to become a “winner take all” player in the microcap securities trading environment.

Gold Disk Software

Gold Disk Inc. is a U.S. company with Research and Development, Manufacturing, and Support operations headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, and Executive, Sales and Marketing management operating from Santa Clara, Calif. The company develops and publishes Astound for Macintosh and Windows, award-winning software that enables the creation (authoring) and presentation (playback) of high-impact multimedia presentations on Windows-based PCs and Apple Macintosh computers. The company also publishes VideoDirector, a family of best selling consumer software for camcorder users to easily edit their home camcorder tapes onto VCR.

Gold Disk Inc. is a U.S. company with Research and Development, Manufacturing, and Support operations headquartered in Mississagua, Ontario and Executive, Sales and Marketing management operating from Santa Clara. The company develops and publishes Astound for Macintosh and Windows, the award-winning software that enables the creation (authoring) and presentation (playback) of high-impact multimedia presentations on Windows-based PCs and Apple Macintosh. Computers.

The company also publishes VideoDirector, a family of best-selling consumer software for camcorder owners to easily edit the highlights of their home camcorder tapes onto VCR tapes with the use of their home Windows or Macintosh computers. A new addition to the Gold Disk family of products is Studio M. Studio M empowers consumers to easily create personalized greeting cards, multimedia photo albums, interactive party announcements and a myriad of other personal projects. Gold Disk Inc. is a privately-held company.

Human Edge Software

Human Edge designs, develops, and markets a line of software programs based upon expert systems technology for personal computer users, principally business managers and other professionals. The Company has based its product and marketing strategy upon certain artificial intelligence principles to provide practical expert systems which are designed to enhance the performance of the business user. The Expert Series products, which are marketed by the Company under licenses from third parties, allow users to develop expert systems tailored to their individual situations. Examples include systems designed by chain retail stores to assist in commercial site
selection and by credit managers in customer credit clearance. The Edge and Mind Series programs, developed by the Company, assist users in analyzing and providing strategies which address specific business interactions such as selling, negotiating and managing, and personal relationships such as teacher-student and parent-child. Human Edge markets its products directly to end users and through computer specialty stores, bookstores, catalogs and through independent distributors and sales representatives.

iTaggit is a Web 2.0 site that allows you to store and organize information about your items and collectibles. The iTaggit team recognizes that an individual’s net worth includes high value items and collections. Our goal is that through item management, research, and community, our members will maximize and collect information on their net worth.

Use the following functions (and more!) to get more return from your collections and items:
• Store item info, images, receipts, documents, invoices, warranties, video, audio, links, and more.
• Post items for trade.
• Research your things
• Read and write blogs.
• Message others.
• Showcase iTaggit items and information on other sites.
• Put iTaggit information and images on eBay.
• Print, file, and share reports to use for insurance and estate planning.

Using industry standard hardware and software packages, iTaggit has developed an enterprise-class product using secure, safe technology. Everything on the system is protected by industry-standard, secure tools, including firewalls, virus scanning, and authentication services.

iTaggit was incorporated in January 2006 as a C corporation. Led by four principal founders who have more than 90 years of professional experience in technology and design, the corporation is surrounded with industry-leading partners and suppliers, including Microsoft, Dell, On-Site, Porter Novelli, and What’s It Worth to You.

iTaggit is committed to improving the quality of life for its customers, its employees, and the communities which we serve by creating positive value in every thing we do.

LegacyJ is a software solutions company. Our solutions permit business enterprises to cost-effectively access the evolving business landscape and exploit application servers, web services, e-business, and platform independent application deployment. Legacy is a privately held corporation incorporated in 1996. Corporate offices are located in Los Gatos, California.

Motion Computing, headquartered in Austin, Texas, produces slate tablet PCs for mobile professionals in industries including healthcare, government, and field force automation. Motion is a mobile computing and wireless communications leader, combining world-class innovation and industry experience so individuals can use computing technology in new ways and places. The company’s enhanced line of tablet PCs and accessories are designed to increase productivity for on-the-go users while providing computing security, power and versatility.

Motion is a company driven to innovate. With a fervent focus on the relevant and innovative mobile technologies that address its customers’ needs, Motion strives to be the best at integrating world-class technologies into all its products.

Motion extends this penchant for technology integration across its award-winning tablet PCs and related peripherals, software, wireless and services to provide a complete computing solution for mobile professionals.

Motion understands its customers’ unique needs for mobility. The company has built a collaborative ecosystem of strong reseller partners and industry-leading software and hardware vendors to help its customers find the right combination of products and services to support specific mobile computing needs.

Motion designs tablet PCs for the way people work. Its customers experience tangible, measurable advances in productivity, without compromising their work styles to accommodate a machine.

Private Funding Rounds:

Preferred Series A 8/27/2002 $6.5M Lead: Compal
Preferred Series B 11/03/2003 $11.2M Lead: NEA
Preferred Series C 12/20/04 $25.0M Lead: IVP
Preferred Series D 12/23/08 $6.0M Investors: NEA,IVP,G-51 is the applications service provider (ASP) for internet appliances. It provides the easiest, most convenient and cost effective way for users to get email and information anywhere and anytime.

Image Pocket Device

Pocket Computer

Poqet (pronounced “pocket”) Computer Corporation, founded in 1988, is the leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of high-performance, truly portable personal technology products. The company’s first product, The Poqet PC, received the 1989 PC MAGAZINE Technical Excellence Award for Portable Computers and the 1989 BYTE MAGAZINE Award of Distinction. It is the first super portable, MS-Dos Personal Computer, less than 1.2lbs and runs for approximately 100 hours on two AA Alkaline batteries.
The privately held company is jointly owned by its founders, employees and Fujitsu Limited and is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif

Article InfoWorld 11-05-1990

Image A of Poqet Computer

Image B of Poqet Computer

Sentius delivers applications and services designed to help corporations meet the needs of today’s mobile users. We have unique and specialized knowledge about integrating content management, search, and database systems in a high-availability environment to provide relevant information to mobile phone users. Our expertise makes us an ideal partner for any company that wants to benefit by serving the mobile community.


Established in 1999 in Boca Raton, Florida, Virtacon Corporation is
quickly emerging as a key player the web development market, which
International Data Corporation (IDC) projects to explode from $16B in 1999 to $99B in 2004. Propelling this success is its Rapid Development Technology(SM)(RDT), a proprietary toolset providing fast, custom, superior quality website and website to wireless development, as well as an array of related professional services to help established companies and e-commerce ventures achieve growth at their desired pace. This flexible, forward-thinking and customer-focused approach reflects the business savvy of its seasoned management team, positioning the company for steady growth.